Four signs your water line needs repair or replacement!

Plumber Roseville

The main water line is often neglected as it is buried and difficult to access. However, there are chances that plumbing issues are related to the main waterline. Unfortunately, when deciding on repair or replacement of the water line, most homeowners cannot choose between the two. However, Plumbing Roseville suggests that deciding on a repair will not be challenging if you know some signals. Let us discuss what those warning signs are.

 Signals to decide you need a water line repair:

  1. Discoloured Water

When a break occurs in the waterline, turning the faucet on brings brown or yellow water. Sometimes, strange smells and tastes come as water is contaminated. In addition, it brings metallic debris, and you should not ignore this as it is dangerous to drink and bathe in. 

  1. Drop-in Water Pressure

Low water pressure means clogging due to excess mineral deposits. You can experience this in a particular fixture or the whole fixture. However, if water pressure suddenly drops and you notice it in all fixtures, a more serious problem is on the way. Therefore, in this situation, it is essential to call professional plumbing as soon as possible.

  1. Frequent Clogs

When you notice frequent clogging, especially in multiple drains, you should take action on that. In such a situation, calling a plumber to inspect the issue will benefit you.

  1. Water pool in the yard:

It is not a rainy season, yet you see the little pond, patches of grass, soggy spots on your lawn. Simply this means you need a plumbing service.

When should you replace the water line?

Let us see the following point before you decide to replace the pipe:

Material of the pipes:

Some materials are brittle and prone to more failure. For example, iron pipes corrode faster, but copper pipes stay for a long. So, check for material and then decide on a replacement.

The overall age of the main water line pipe:

If your home has water lines over 20 years old, it is better to replace them. It is a high chance that it got damaged gradually, and it will likely trouble you again if you repair it.

Consider the cost of repair:

If the frequent water line repair costs you more than the cost of replacing the main water line, then you should consider replacing it.

Multiple repairs:

If you have already gone through multiple repair processes, it is time you should consider replacement than repairing again.


Either repair or replacement is not easy and cannot be done without a plumber Roseville expert. In addition, it requires labour work in digging, locating the leak, and fixing it. Therefore, after knowing the signals, you should always talk to them and then decide between the two.